Certified Human Resources Manager

s on various areas in HRM which includes basic knowledge of HRM, recruitment of right resources, their training and development and career progression. Any business is critically dependent on the quality of its people, and an HR manager’s role becomes increasingly important.  

Why should one take this certification?
If you are working in the HR area and are looking for a new job or promotion or simply more responsibility, then you can take this certification and prove the employer that your knowledge of this particular area of HR is good. It works as an added qualification on your CV and significantly improves your chances of getting the desired role.

Who will benefit from taking this certification?
Job seekers looking to find employment in the HR departments of various companies, students generally wanting to improve their skill set and make their CV stronger and existing employees looking for a better role can prove their employers the value of their skills through this certification.

Test Details:

  1. Duration: 40 Hour

Companies that hire ABA Human Resources Manager
ABA Certified Human Resource Manager might find employment in all kind of companies, big or small, since HR is a crucial part of any organization. Many companies contact us on a regular basis, and we forward them a list of our certified candidates, and the candidates are highly in demand.

Course Outline


  1. Explains the basics strategic HRM
  2. Explains the process of planning
  3. Explains the  role and importance of Information Systems
  4. Defines various policies and procedures

Recruitment of the right resources

  1. Explains the procedure to analyze job with it’s description and quality of work life
  2. Explains the process involved in recruitment
  3. Explains the criteria and procedure involved in selection of an employee

Training and Development

  1. Explains the steps involved in appraising and managing performance
  2. Explains the process involved in development of human resources
  3. Explains the importance and procedure of planning progression of employee’s career

Managing Human Resources

  1. Explains the importance of maintain industrial relations
  2. Illustrates the concept of change management
  3. Explains the various techniques of negotiation
  4. Explains the importance of health and safety of employee

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  1. Explains the basics of CSR
  2. Explains the different approaches for CSR
  3. Explains CSR activities towards consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and environment in general.
  4. Explains the potential benefits of CSR
  • The certificates obtained by the trainee 
  •            1.Certified Human Resources Manager from AIPS
  •            2.Certificate of Altaknyia institution for development and training, consulting and quality systems in case the
  •            3.trainee passed the final test and handed over all the duties and the final project.
  •            4.Get the trainee to complete the training material printed and coated.
  •            5.It is performed several workshops and practical exercises during the period of implementation of the program.